About Us

The Qualicum-Beach-Real-Estate site is designed to give you a simple, visual method of finding your new home! Comments? Suggestions? Let us know how we’re doing.

Using Qualicum-Beach-Real-Estate

Google Map

All of our active listings are plotted on a Google Map using contextual property-type icons.

Icon Bar

Icon Bar
The Icon Bar enables you to filter what type of property listings are plotted on the Google Map. The text under each icon describes which type of property corresponds to that icon. Click the icon to filter the plotted property listings. The currently active icon on the Icon Bar display in inverse colour.

Properties For Sale

This side panel, at the left side of the Google Map, contains all of the listings that match the currently active filter. Click on a listing of interest to activate a pop-up window, adjacent to the listing, of additional information.

Show map icons in clusters

This checkbox toggles aggregating of the plotted listings’ icons into groups by proximity to each other. When activated, and depending on how many property listing are in a cluster, you will see each cluster represented by one of the following icons:
markerclusterer icon 1 markerclusterer icon 2 markerclusterer icon 3 markerclusterer icon 4 markerclusterer icon 5
The icon also displays the number of listings in its cluster.

Auto-fit map boundaries

This checkbox toggles automatic resizing of the map boundaries whenever you switch, using the Icon Bar, among property listing filters.

Street View

Google Maps pegman You can use the Google Maps Pegman to see Street View imagery. Pick him up and drag him to the place you want to see, and roads with Street View imagery will appear with a blue border. When not in use, Pegman sits atop the Google Maps zoom controls. To exit Street View, click the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the Street View imagery.

Toggle Full-Screen

activate full-screen icon  exit full-screen icon  You can toggle display of the Google Maps imagery to and from full-screen by using this feature. Simply click the full-screen toggle icon to change back-and-forth between full-screen and regular display. When in full-screen mode, the Icon Bar will display slightly dimmed when your mouse cursor is not hovering over it.

Pop-up Information Window

The pop-up information window contains additional information about a listing of interest, along with several command links for working with the listing:
More Info: Click this link to view full detailed information about the listing.
More Photos: To see the full photo gallery for the listing, click on this link.
Zoom Here: Click this link to zoom the Google Map to the location of the listing.
Tag: Click this link to tag the listing so that you can easily find it later.
Ask a Question: Click this link to ask us a question about the listing.

To activate the Pop-up Information Window for a listing, you can click the listing’s plotted icon, or you can click on the listing in the left-hand Properties For Sale navigation panel.

Tagged Listings

While viewing property listings, you can tag individual listings that you like by using the Tag command in the Pop-up Information Window described above. To see only the listings you have previously tagged, click the "Tagged" icon on the Icon Bar.